Critical Care Airway Management

The CCAM Course

Critical Care Airway Management is a 2-day, practical, hands-on course covering advanced airway management when the going gets tough. CCAM is not about the routine patient in the anaesthetic room, this course will teach you the skills and mindset for when the airway is difficult, the patient sick, the environment challenging, or all of the above.

The CCAM Course is designed for trainees, specialists and senior nurses in Intensive Care, Anaesthesia, Emergency, Pre-Hospital and Rural/Remote Medicine, and paramedics. The course covers advanced techniques, so you will gain maximum benefit if you have some prior airway experience.

The course consists of interactive discussions and hands-on skills stations with expert Faculty, followed by fully immersive high-fidelity simulated scenarios with expert debriefing, covering all aspects of advanced airway management in critical care.

The Faculty consists of passionate airway experts from all of the specialities outlined above. The CCAM course has been endorsed by the College of Intensive Care Medicine as fulfilling the requirements for the Transition year ‘difficult airway course’, and by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists as a ‘Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate’ (CICO) course.

See our Handbook page for the course pre-reading and videos (free, open-access).

 CCAM is a not-for-profit course.


“Two days learning to escape the airway ‘Vortex’… Best course I’ve attended”

“Practical and on-point. I highly recommend for ED/ICU/Gas docs”

“Brilliant two days….Interactive, fun, well-organised, & most of all – useful!”

“Excellent confidence-builder in critical airway skills”

“Great hands-on experience”

“Excellent scenarios, great feedback”

“Great faculty who are clearly committed to delivering a high quality course”

“It’s rare to meet someone who talks so much and so enthusiastically and none of it is nonsense”

“Loved the dynamic teaching and delivery – perfect mix of didactic and practical sessions “

Interactive sessions and skill stations

All sessions are 1 hour long – more hands-on time means better muscle memory.


Difficult airway algorithms and checklists

 Planning for failure and following a rescue strategy


Airway management out of the comfort zone


Plan A

The CCAM approach to laryngoscopy

Alternative laryngoscope blades and video-laryngoscopy




Plan B

Fibre optic intubation via a conduit: the LMA, Intubating LMA and Berman airway

The Aintree Intubating Catheter


The fibre optic bronchoscope

Assembly, steering and aftercare

Topicalisation of the airway


Can’t intubate, Can’t oxygenate

Cannula and surgical cricothyroidotomy




Extubation and airway exchange

Equipment and strategies, including the staged extubation kit and airway exchange catheters



Tracheostomy and laryngectomy – what you need to know

Management of airway emergencies



Setting up transport and bedside ventilators

The essentials of mechanical ventilation

Airway Trolley

Know your kit and how it can be organised to decrease stress and increase patient safety


The knowledge and skills you acquire on the course will be put to the test in five high-fidelity simulated scenarios. These are conducted in our state-of-the-art in-situ simulation room (a working ICU bed space), so realism is high. The room has full audio-visual capabilities to allow for remote viewing and video-reflexive feedback, and you will be debriefed by experts in a safe learning environment.